Top 5: Museums in Albania

Travelling to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its history thanks to its museums.

Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania:

National Museum Skanderbeg in Kruje – Muzeu Kombëtar Gjergj Kastrioti :

This museum is located in the castle of Krujë, it is dedicated to the hero of Albania Skanderbeg. You will discover the history of Skanderbeg who

freed his country from the Ottoman occupation. In this museum, you will

will have the opportunity to see many objects, documents, books

authentic books.

Bunker in Tirana :

Within the Albanian capital, you will have the opportunity to visit two

two Bunkers, one located in the city center 3 minutes walk from the Skanderbeg square and one near the Mount Dajti. These bunkers were built by the dictator Enver Hoxha to protect himself in case of war. There are more than 1000 of them all over Albania.

During your visit, you will discover the architecture of a Bunker and understand how the Albanian population lived under a very strong surveillance and many actions of intimidation.

Onufri Museum in Berat:

It is a very interesting museum located in Berat where are

exposed more than 200 art objects such as relics, icons dating from the 14th to the

icons dating from the 14th to the 20th century which come from from the churches and monasteries of Berat. You will discover the iconographic paintings of the famous painter Onufri who gave his name to the museum, but also of his son and other painters.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to see two codices that are inscribed on the list of the most important works of humanity, “Memory of the World” which are under the protection of Unesco.

National Museum of Tirana :

A museum not to be missed, it traces the history of Albania

from ancient Illyria to the post-communist period. You

discover more than 6200 objects in different pavilions that represent the different periods (antiquity, renaissance, Middle Ages …).

It is the largest museum in Albania, on the facade you can see a mosaic

that shows “the momentum of the Albanian people towards its independence and its identity “.

Marubi Museum in Skodra :

Located in the north of the country, you will discover the studio of

Pierre Marubi, an artist with multiple talents painter, sculptor, photographer.

Of Italian origin, he came to Albania and settled in Skodra. During the communist period, he had to stop practicing his profession.

In this museum, you will discover the Marubi collection but also

collections of Albanian photographers who put forward

scenes of Albanian life as well as collections of international photographers.

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