Top 5 Culinary specialties :

The Albanian gastronomy is nourished by many influences,

nothing better during your trip to take the time to taste

Albanian culinary specialties.

Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania!

Tave Elbasani :

Is a gem of Albanians culinary, more precisely from Elbasan.

This stew consists of lamb legs marinated in

yogurt. This dish is still cooked a lot in

many Albanian families.

Byrek :

Byrek can be compared to pie. It consists of a very fine and crispy paste which resembles with scrolls all accompanied by a filling according to your choice that alternates in 3 layers. Most often the garnish is made of beef, onions, leeks, cheese, salt, pepper and oil of olives.

Koran :

Also known as the king of the lake. The fish Korani from the Tushemisht region can only be found in the Ohrid lake. It can be cooked in different ways, grilled or pan-fried but the characteristic of this region is baked with onions and nuts.

This endemic fish is different from the other trout that live in the lake.

It has red spots on the skin, a wonderful taste and high nutritional

Koran has a wonderful taste and high nutritional values.

It was Elizabeth’s of the favorite fish and an integral part of the menu of Queen

Kabuni :

The king of desserts with meat.It is a traditional Albanian dish.

It consists of rice fried in butter, mutton broth, raisins and a little salt. Everything is boiled and then sugar is added,

cinnamon and cloves and voilaa !


The Albanian raki, also a traditional alcoholic drink widely consumed in Albania. It is a clear alcohol which is made from distilled grapes or other fruits (blackberry, plum …) and is often consumed as an aperitif or after dinner. 

Raki is often served as a welcome drink to guests and is a staple at celebrations and special events.

Here is a small selection of Albanian specialties, during your travels you will have the opportunity to discover many more!

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