Top 5 : Celebration Days in Albania

Travelling to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its traditional celebrations.

Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania !

Spring Day:

Celebrated on March 14, Spring day in Albania is a very old and popular holiday.

This day has a pagan origin and it is celebrated in the district, mainly in the city of Elbasan.

On March 14, citizens perfume their homes with mimosa and violets flowers, while mothers and grandmothers prepare the famous dessert Ballokume ,which Albanians offer it to congratulate each other prosperity.

14th of March is also the day of another tradition, people offer themselves a bracelet made of two strands of wool.

red and white, the colors have many meanings (health, strength, friendship…). Tradition dictates that Albanians keep the bracelet on their hand until they see a swallow. Then they have to solve it and put it on a rose bush because swallows are said to use it to build their nests.

Flag Day:

Celebrated on November 28,  Day of the flag also called the famous Day of Independence Proclamation of the First Albanian Republic in Vlore on November 28, 1912. On 28th November, 1912 Ismail Qemali raised the Albanian flag in Vlora city, thus causing the creation of a free state. Every year on 28th November the balconies are decorated with the Albanian flag and in both, the main cities, Vlora and Tirana are held celebrations and parties (concerts, parades, activities).

Fustanelle Festival in Gjirokaster:

This is one of the best traditional festivals of the Balkans which takes place in the fortress of Gjirokaster, a site not to be missed in the city. The term “Fustanella” refers to an Albanian tradition dress worn by men during the 13th century, during the Illyrian period. It is similar to a kilt of white color. During this festival many folklore groups participate. The numerous spectators dance and sing traditional Albanian songs.

Carnival of Korca :

It is the biggest carnival of the country, which is held every year in the city of Korca. From many groups of all the country but also of the neighboring countries participate in this carnival. On this occasion, the Albanians are happy to go out in disguise and enjoy the music music and the festive atmosphere which reigns during this carnival in Korca.

Women’s Day:

Celebrated on March 8 around the world.

It is a day of awareness and mobilization for women’s rights and gender equality. Despite the fact that some women protest for their rights, the culture of protest is not widespread in Albania. March 8 is more of a celebration day and traditionally all women, of all age groups, go out to celebrate while the men have to serve.

A nice ritual of this holiday is that all women should receive gifts from the men in their family and also exchange gifts with each other.

Here is a small selection of holidays and celebration days in Albania !

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