Top 5 Albanian personalities

Going on a trip to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its famous figures.

Here is the Top 5 of Ecotour Albania :


During your visits to the Albanian destination you will discover the greatest Albanian hero Skenderbeu. He has lived in the 15th century, he deserted the Ottoman army with 300 Albanians to free his country from occupation Ottoman. After that, the first Albanian state was created with the flag that we currently know.

Skanderbeg had many military talents and was a great strategist.

Mother Teresa

Born in 1910 in an Albanian family.

Mother Teresa, whose real name is Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu dedicated her life to the people in need. From her younger age she will return to a religious life. She will leave with a mission in India, where she will teach children in need, thus dedicating her life to helping the poor, the sick, the abandoned and the dead. In 1950, she founded the order ” of the Missionaries of Charity” that operates today in 130 countries of the world thanks to 5000 nuns. In 1979, she received the Nobel Peace Prize. today many Albanian cities have a street named after her.

Mother Teresa showed Albania and the world one great gesture of generosity.

Ismail Kadare

Born in Gjirokastër, south of Albania and he is the most famous Albanian writer in France and abroad. Internationally his writings have been translated into more than 45 languages.

Ismail Kadare creates numerous works of novels, poems, judgments. Thanks to these texts, westerners discover the closure in which Albania found itself, cause he denounces the system totalitarian. He is an artist involved in politics who has accompanied his talents as a writer with his political opinions. He saw himself awarded with numerous national and international literary awards, he was even mentioned several times as a favorite for the Nobel Prize for literature, but never received it. (Book: The dead Army General, Palace of Dreams, Albanian Spring…)

Inva Mula

Born in 1963 to a family of artists, Inva Mula began her career as a very young lyrical Soprano singer.

She gave her first concert at the age of 5. She studied singing at the conservatory of Tirana and won many competitions. Throughout during her career she will take many roles in different operas around the world (France, Italy, Tokyo, Toronto). She was entrusted with important roles, such as: that of Violetta in Verdi’s Traviata in Avignon, or even Carmen by Bizet at the Paris Opera. In France, it is also known for the voice that gave to the music of the film “The Fifth Element” by Luc Besson. In 2019, she went on a global concert tour entitled “Journey around the world”.

Lea Ypi

Born in 1979 in Tirana, she grew up during the communist and post communist period. She is an Albanian author and researcher, also a professor of political theology in London. Lea Ypi participates in various research groups around the world such as in Science Po Paris, in Italian for historical research but also at the University of Frankfurt. She works on political theories and is particularly interested in theories of justice, democracy, migration issues or territorial rights again. She also wrote a book “Free at Last,

Growing up when everything falls”, a fascinating political autobiography that shows Albania before the fall of communism and post-communism.

Here is a small selection of Albanian figures.

During your trip you will have the opportunity to discover the history of these women and men!

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