Spots of hiking in Albania :

Albania is a country with an important natural richness which offers for travelers a diversity of landscapes between sea and mountain.

Albania is a small country with very colorful landscapes.

Here is a small selection of hiking sites to discover.

The Albanian Alps, a unique place in the North of Albania with many possibilities of hiking opportunities like :

Balkan Summits:

This hike will be an opportunity to discover 3 peaks at the crossroads of three borders Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Theth – Valbona :

This hike of about 7 hours will take you to a postcard setting between white peaks and

between white summits and water springs (7h / difference in altitude 1000m+ and 800m-).

Teth National Park :

About 7 hours of walking awaits you to discover the cultural and natural richness of

of this park between canyons, water sources and traditional houses.

 ( 7h / difference in altitude 300m+ and 300m-).

Mount Korab

It is the highest point of Albania. Its altitude is 2 764 meters. Mount Korab forms a natural border between 3 countries, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Many hikes are possible, you can make the ascent of Mount Korab, from its summit where you can enjoy breathtaking views.

You can also hike in the surroundings of Mount Korab to discover its nature, its pastures and the shepherds who live on these spaces.

The National Park of Llogara :

The National Park of Llogara, a wonderful park that offers magnificent views of the island of Corfu and the Karaburun Peninsula. This national park offers many opportunities for hiking such as :

Col de César : This short hike of only 20 minutes will allow you to reach the Col de Caesar located in the National Park of Llogora, a natural space mainly made up of conifers.

Canyon of Gjipe : This hike of about 2 hours will be the occasion to discover unique panoramas between sea and mountain. You will start from the Bay of Gjipe and explore the explore the canyon, you will also be able to enjoy the the beautiful beach.

Mount Nemerçke

Located in the south of Albania between Permet and Gjirokaster, Mount Nemercka is a mountain range where rises high peaks like Mount Maja e Papingut at 2 482 meters.

Within this mountain range flows the Vjosa, the last wild river in Europe.

You can make many hikes that will allow you to discover the natural richness of Albania between rivers, mountains, fauna and flora.

Mount Tomorr

Located east of Berat, Mount Tomor is a unique natural area, it is a sacred mountain for the Bektashi. During a week in August, thousands of Bektashi pilgrims flock to Mount Tomorr to make the ascent of the “Sacred Mountain”.

In addition to being a “Sacred Mountain”, Mount Tomorr has a rich biodiversity. From many hikes can be done, the opportunity to live a unique experience and perhaps the occasion to cross wild animals.

Going to Albania is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a preserved nature

Here is our small selection of hiking sites.

Ecotour Albania offers a multitude of hikes or activities in the middle of nature.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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