Going on a trip to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its famous figures. Here is the Top 5 of Ecotour Albania : Skanderbeg During your visits to the Albanian destination you will discover the greatest Albanian hero Skenderbeu. He has lived in the 15th century, he deserted the Ottoman army with 300 […]
The Albanian gastronomy is nourished by many influences, nothing better during your trip to take the time to taste Albanian culinary specialties. Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania! Tave Elbasani : Is a gem of Albanians culinary, more precisely from Elbasan. This stew consists of lamb legs marinated in yogurt. This dish is still […]
Albania is a country with an important natural richness which offers for travelers a diversity of landscapes between sea and mountain. Albania is a small country with very colorful landscapes. Here is a small selection of hiking sites to discover. The Albanian Alps, a unique place in the North of Albania with many possibilities of […]
Travelling to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its traditional celebrations. Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania ! Spring Day: Celebrated on March 14, Spring day in Albania is a very old and popular holiday. This day has a pagan origin and it is celebrated in the district, mainly in the city […]
Travelling to Albania means discovering a country, its culture and its history thanks to its museums. Here is the selection of Ecotour Albania: National Museum Skanderbeg in Kruje – Muzeu Kombëtar Gjergj Kastrioti : This museum is located in the castle of Krujë, it is dedicated to the hero of Albania Skanderbeg. You will discover […]
Currently the journey has become very simple, but our displacements have planetary consequences. Going with Ecotour Albania means participating in a responsible trip and environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) . For your stay in Albania, we recommend some articles for an eco-responsible trip that will allow you to respect nature better and avoid overconsumption.   Reusable bottle […]
Amsterdam, June 22nd, 2023. The Travelife Partner level award was received today by ECOTOUR ALBANIA (Albania). The award recognizes the long-term efforts of ECOTOUR ALBANIA regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. ECOTOUR ALBANIA complies with more than 100 criteria, related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners and customer information. The Travelife […]
Which are the required documents ? For the European Union citizens, visas are no longer required. You can enter Albania with your ID card or passport valid three months after entering the country. If you plan to stay in the Albanian territory for longer than three months a visa will be required   If you plan to visit Albania’s […]
By air  There’s only one international airport in Albania, which is in Tirana, the capital city, called “Nënë Tereza” Airport (Mother Thereza) or more commonly Rinas Airport. It is located 17 km in the north of Tirana (about 25 min by car, depending on the traffic jam) There’s also a bus that links the center of Tirana (from […]
Money and exchange rates, the Albanian currency The currency in Albania is the Lek. The smallest unit is 1 Lek and there are no cents. In the summer of 2014 the exchange rate was as follows: 1 lek = 0,008 € / 0,009 CHF. 1 € = 125 lek 1 CHF = 110 lek If your […]
Authentic Culinary
Casserole with Yogurt and Lamb!

Casserole with Yogurt and Lamb is a traditional food, typical from the areas of central Albania, mainly the city of Elbasan. The special of this recipe is the simultaneous boiling and baking with slow fire in the oven

Authentic tourism
Gramoz, the mountain between two countries

Rehova village recently very popular, has discovered from tourists by chance. A group of tourists found themselves in this village and knocked on the door of a family first to get information about where they could stay to sleep or consume something …

Authentic Curiosity
Pelecanus crispus

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) is the symbol of Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, the only breeding site for this bird in Albania.The largest fresh water birds, with a body length about 1.9m and about 20kg weight, are the permanent residents of the Lagoon. …

Authentic Character
The stone-carver of the stone city!

Muhedin opened an exhibition shop with his works and for several decades he constantly created artistic works for tourists. It is amazing to see very elegant works of art produced from nature’s hardest material, such as stone. …

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