Currently the journey has become very simple, but our displacements have planetary consequences.

Going with Ecotour Albania means participating in a responsible trip and environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) .

For your stay in Albania, we recommend some articles for an eco-responsible trip that will allow you to respect nature better and avoid overconsumption.


Reusable bottle

Today, plastic bottles are a scourge for the planet, they cause a lot of gases greenhouse effect, they pollute our seas and they are one danger to our health, fauna and flora.

During your visits and walks there is nothing better rather than bringing your own water bottle to hydrate every moment. By using a reusable water bottle you limit your plastic consumption destination and participate in the observance of environment.

Organic sunscreen

With an average about 290 sunny days during a year in Albania,

you are almost certain to enjoy the sunshine and swimming during your stay, but sunscreens we can use can contain harmful chemical components and dangerous for the environment. To avoid our ecosystems damage, there is nothing better than providing organic sunscreen. A responsible gesture for protecting our beautiful planet.

Solar Phone Battery

It has become an indispensable tool during our free time.

Our cell phone uses a lot of energy when we let it recharge.

During your stays in the summer, there is nothing better than taking a solar battery that will allow you to charge your phone anywhere at any time, while using renewable energy.

Le tot-bag

the use of plastic bags has catastrophic effects on our environment and leads to the extinction of some species. So why not to use a small bag, light, does not take up space, put it in the suitcase. Use a carrying case during your shopping, this is one way to limit our plastic consumption and to minimize land and marine pollution.

Lasting memories

During your stay in Albania, you will surely bring back a small memory but nowadays many memories offered to us have crossed the planet. We advise you to buy souvenirs that contribute to the local economy, support Albanian craftsmen and producers.

Like for example: gliko, utensils olive wood kitchenware, honey…

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