About Albania

Touristic potential of Albania.

The Natural potential

Albania is estimated as a country privileged by nature. This small country is characterized by a richness of natural diversity, which is expressed in all elements of the natural environment, such as landforms, climate, hydrography, animal and vegetable life. The Relief presents sharp contrasts, which create a particular charm to the eye of tourists. We go from the bank of the sea immediately in the high mountains. Only about 100 km from the sea is the highest mountain in the country, Korab, 2751 m. About 80% of the land area is located on a height of 200 m to the sea level.
Geographically and physically, Albania has four main areas: the mountainous region of North (Albanian Alps), the mountainous region of the center, the mountainous region of the South (with the beautiful “Albanian Riviera”), the Plain of South-West, which present a great potential for the tourism.
The protected areas in our country are part of land and water reserves protected due the biological diversity, the natural and cultural richness they offer. They are divided into six categories according to their importance: 4 strictly protected areas, 11 national parks, 300 natural monuments, 26 administered sites, 4 terrestrial or marine protected areas and 4 resources protected areas. These protected areas

Travel requirements

Which are the required documents ? For the European Union citizens, visas are no longer required. You can enter Albania with your

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How to come in Albania

By air  There’s only one international airport in Albania, which is in Tirana, the capital city, called “Nënë Tereza” Airport (Mother

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Albanian culture

Architecture  The communist regime didn’t make enough to save the special architecture or cultural specifies of each city. Most of

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Albania has been the last country of Eastern Europe to give up with a communist centralized regime (ocurring in the

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Authentic Culinary
Casserole with Yogurt and Lamb!

Casserole with Yogurt and Lamb is a traditional food, typical from the areas of central Albania, mainly the city of Elbasan. The special of this recipe is the simultaneous boiling and baking with slow fire in the oven

Authentic tourism
Gramoz, the mountain between two countries

Rehova village recently very popular, has discovered from tourists by chance. A group of tourists found themselves in this village and knocked on the door of a family first to get information about where they could stay to sleep or consume something …

Authentic Curiosity
Pelecanus crispus

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) is the symbol of Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, the only breeding site for this bird in Albania.The largest fresh water birds, with a body length about 1.9m and about 20kg weight, are the permanent residents of the Lagoon. …

Authentic Character
The stone-carver of the stone city!

Muhedin opened an exhibition shop with his works and for several decades he constantly created artistic works for tourists. It is amazing to see very elegant works of art produced from nature’s hardest material, such as stone. …

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